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"I have been so very fortunate in my life and during my career in Missoula that this next stage, to be a steward and leader for Missoula County citizens, is the right choice to make. Running a small family-owned business growing local food for Missoulians, teaching young men and women at the University of Montana about our environment, our responsibilities to one another as citizens, and supporting their dreams for the future have all inspired me with an even greater responsibility, that of giving back to the community I love through public service."
  -- Josh Slotnick, Democratic Candidate for Missoula County Commissioner, (Guest Column in Missoulian)

Endorsements and Good Wishes!

"MCV's endorsement of Slotnick over Curtiss is partly a response to her 2016 vote against protections for agricultural lands during subdivision review. When it comes to environmental protection, we think it's time for stronger leadership."
  -- Jon Haber, Chair of the Montana Conservation Voters, Missoula Chapter, (MCV Endorsement Release and our Campaign Release)


"Josh Slotnick offers a compelling and passionate case for a fresh perspective on the Board of Commissioners. Josh brings energy and enthusiasm and compassion that I believe the county needs. He's ready to tackle controversial issues, and work with his colleagues to craft a vision for the future of the county. I generally believe that experience is an asset in local government. But at this point, I want more from county government. The status quo isn't enough. I'll be voting for Josh Slotnick for Missoula County Commissioner. Join me."
  -- John Engen, Mayor of Missoula, (Missoulian story)

"Josh is inclusive, creative, and effective. Through his shared leadership style, Josh fostered the innovative partnerships that make the PEAS farm a huge success and a major source of civic pride. Josh is the kind of leader who is open to new ideas, embraces opportunity with a can-do spirit, and brings people together. Josh wants to marshal the power of community to solve our common problems and build a resilient, healthy future together. Join us in wholeheartedly supporting Josh Slotnick for County Commissioner."
  -- Letter from Women for Josh, March 2018, (Letter of Support from Women for Josh Slotnick)

Women for Josh Slotnick:
Abby Huseth
Beth Youngblood
Bryony Schwan
Christine Fiore
Ellie Costello
Jean Duncan
Jill Belsky
Jocelyn Siler
Judy Visscher
Julie Mullette
Kaitlin McCafferty
Katie Deuel
KD Dickinson
Lila Cleminshaw
Lin Smith
Lisa Swallow
Lizzi Juda
Lynne Carlisle
Marilyn Marler
Marina Zaleski
Martha Newell
Mo Gary
Neva Hassanein
Rochelle Glascow
Rosalyn LaPier
Sonia Bergmann
Sue Roy
Vicki Watson
Amy Ragsdale
Liz Ametsbichler
... and many more!


"I support Josh Slotnick because it is so clear that our county government is facing new challenges, requiring the ability to fashion workable, sustainable new solutions. That is exactly what Slotnick has been doing for years, and he is ideally suited to bring that experience, creativity and commitment to the commissioner's office."
  -- Daniel Kemmis, Former Mayor of Missoula, (Missoulian Guest Column)


"As a rural producer, Josh lives the reality of a family business on the land, has a real life awareness of taxes, markets, and the economic landscape as well as an understanding of the on-the-ground-challenges of a changing climate."
  -- Juanita Vero, Greenough Rancher, (Campaign Card)

"Josh will be an outstanding candidate and respectful leader who will advocate for rural issues. I have worked for many years with Josh on agricultural land preservation. Josh will use his experience on the City/County Planning Board and engage development and design tools that maintain value for landowners while keeping working lands thriving for coming generations. He's the best voice for the future of both rural Missoula County and the important role the City can play to bridge the divide. We're all one county."
  -- Jim Cusker, Rancher, agriculturalist, conservation leader, Grass Valley area


"Josh has worked on issues of economic inequity for county residents for decades. He repeatedly brings forward innovative ideas and turns them into reality. Josh is a results-oriented team player and will bring enthusiasm to County leadership."
  -- Marilyn Marler, Fmr. Missoula City Councilwoman, Ward 6


"Josh would be a superb County Commissioner—the best choice we could make in these troubling times. Josh's insistence on sane land use planning and saving prime soils is forward thinking. He, more than anyone I know, has the background, abilities, and vision to move our County towards sustainable growth, that builds on our strengths and enhances the values we all share."
  -- Ron Erickson, Former MT State Senator and retired UM Professor, (Campaign Announcement Release)



"I've been farming beside Josh for the past 15 years.  He understands community and the importance of being a steward of the land. He's great at bringing folks together and coming up with solutions. Like most farmers Josh knows how to get things fixed."
  -- Dave Harmon, Fmr. Missoula City Councilman, Ward 1


"I think Josh is an incredibly principled human being. And I'm very excited having someone like that in government. I'll be voting for him."
  -- Martha Newell, Community Volunteer


"Josh Slotnick is a man with an exceptionally strong ethical compass, whose decades of experience in local farming have made him intimately aware of the human and land use issues facing Missoula County.  He is a hands-on problem solver whose strong listening skills and passionate belief in collaboration allow him to find solutions that meet the needs of the many, not just the few."
  -- Amy Ragsdale and Peter Stark, Rattlesnake Homeowners


"Josh's passion for people and place is evident in his longstanding work on food and agricultural issues in Missoula, his mentoring of countless young people over the years, and his volunteer service on behalf of many good causes.  He is smart and insightful, and understands the public sector's key role in strengthening our community to benefit everybody."
  -- Susan Hay Patrick, Community Leader


"I have known Josh for more than 30 years. I have served with him on several community boards and committees. I know how dedicated he is to our community. Josh believes government should reflect who we are. As he says, ‘Local government should be a mechanism for us to work together, to tackle issues greater than any one of us, and to bring our community's opportunities to everyone.' I strongly endorse Josh and hope you will too."
  -- Tim Bechtold, Attorney (Letter to MIssoula County Attorneys)

"Josh has done such a lot for this community. Just look around, his finger prints are everywhere. Garden City Harvest, the PEAS farm, Lecturer at University of Montana, City/County Planning Board member, husband, father, farmer, and so much more. He's an inspiration to us all. I'm voting for Josh."
  -- Bryony Schwan, Entrepreneur


"Josh brought a thoughtful, engaged and respectful approach to his service on the Missoula Consolidated Planning Board.  He was inquisitive and worked to understand how planning and land use can work to improve community.  As a Missoula County Commissioner, Josh will demonstrate similar leadership skills in guiding the future of our county." 
  -- John DiBari, City Councilman, Ward 4

Some of the other folks endorsing Josh:

Rhea Ashmore
Phil and Dorleen Bakke
Dan Baum and Margaret Knox
Tim Bechtold
Jill Belsky
Blake Bentley
Liz Berg
Sonia Bergmann
Jim Berkey
Claudia Brown
Nancy Brown
Sally Brown
Jennie and Blake Bucher
Bonnie Buckingham
Lynne Carlisle
Josh Carter
Cass Chinske
Lila Clemenshaw
Sarah Cobler
Terry and Germaine Conrad
Jock Conyngham
Ellie Costello
Marnie Criley
Myke Crosier
Ione Crummy
Jim Cusker
KD Dickinson
Adrian Arleo and David Duncan
Jean Duncan
Dunrovin Ranch
Steve Elliot
Josh and Paige Ellison
Jake Ellison
Ron and Nancy Erickson
Philip Fandozzi
Gillian Fetz
Gerald Fetz
Chris Fiore
William and Ellen Flanery
Steve Ford
Gail Ford
Mark Ford
Cynthia Ford
Mary L. Fuller
Maureen Gary
Haley Gilman
Rochelle Glasgow
Janna Gobeo
Derek Goldman
Douglas Grimm
Paul Haber
Tim Hall
Phil Hamilton
Arza Hammond
Juanita Fern Hart
Neva Hassanein
Bev Hixson
Tom Huff
Abby Huseth
Jeff Jamison
Kristi Johnson and Jay Perret
Lizzy Juda
Beth Judy
Dorrit Karasek
Patty Kent
Mike and Alice Kupilik
Joe Kipphut & Clarisse Landry
Weber Greiser & Mary Langenderfer
Rosalyn LaPier
Jean Larson
Patti & Jim Lazarua and McKenzie
Autumn Lee
Bert Lindler
Beth Loehnen
David Loewenworter
Dave Loomis
Mark LoParco and Chris Fiore
Casey Louis
Don MacArthur
Ethel MacDonald
Katelyn Madden
Isaac Mahn
Jason Mandala
Claire Manny
Marilyn Marler
Kaitlin McCafferty
Peggy and Paul Miller
SuzAnne and Sterling Miller
Jackie Mohr
Sophie Moon
Julie Mullette
Michael Nelson
Martha Newell
Dara Newman and Scott Samuels
Jim Van Nice
Cale Nittinger
Bob Ogg
Andrea Olson
Sue and Tom Orr
Jim Parker
Nancy de Pastino
Mike and Kate Pennacchio
Danner Pickering
Bill and Claudia Possiez
Lisa and Christopher Preston
David Renn
Jonathon Richter
Tom & Sue Roy
Bryony Schwan
Julia Sherman
Jocelyn Siler
Jeremy Smith
Jeff Smith
Lin Smith
Max Smith
Rebecca Grassl Smith
Phillip Stauffer
Sharon Sterbis
Jessy Stevenson
Virginia "Ginny" Sullivan
Lisa Swallow
Pete Talbot
Linda Lee and William Tanke
Suzanne Tillman
Judy Visscher
Vicki Watson
Cheryl Webster
Stephen Wells
Janet Whaley
Jason Wiener
James Willett
Don and Bente Winston
Michael Workman
Beth Youngblood
Marina Zaleski
John DiBari, City Councilman, Ward 4