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Climate Change

Beyond the forestry work, in order to limit the potential of more catastrophic fires, we need to reduce the carbon we pump into the atmosphere; we have to address climate change. The required policy solutions cover the basic necessities of life – how we create energy, food, housing, transportation, everything.

Politics has paralyzed our leaders at the state and federal level.We have the political will here though, to actually make meaningful local changes. Physically, anything we can do in Missoula County may not matter on a global scale in terms of carbon reduction, however our actions can still carry real weight. We can and should be a model for what can be done. In so doing we may inspire other local governments, and collectively our actions can begin to mean something on a global scale.

 With nothing to lose and everything to gain, let's act heroically, not just in the face of smoke and fire, but against light-duty reasoning and abstract power. Let's partner with all the agencies and organizations that can join in the effort, and look hard into how we can use the legal mechanisms available to the county to financially encourage and create the following:

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