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Dudley Improta

Sunday, May 13, 2018 

Slotnick understands need for balance
Dudley Improta, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

In his recent book "The Growth Delusion," economist David Piling shows some compelling evidence economic growth does not coincide with better educated and healthier citizens. Some countries with less GDP than the U.S. deliver health care and education equally; including Norway and Canada.

In Missoula, we have economic growth, abundant open space and great parks. Some people are doing well but there is a lack of affordable housing and homeless numbers are increasing. Many local politicians are either numb to this or choose to ignore negative effects growth may have.

We bemoan climate change effect on the tourism economy, yet applaud new airline flights direct from Texas. "Sustainable growth," as good as that sounds, may be just a concept.

Josh Slotnick understands this conundrum. I worked with Slotnick on the Consolidated Planning Board. He listened carefully to the local citizen. He referred to the person on the board with the most expertise on the subject at hand. Not all in local government are so inclined.

Voting for Slotnick is not wanting change for the sake of change. He will look beyond economic growth for the sake of economic growth and consider his decisions. Support Josh Slotnick for Missoula County commissioner.