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Julie Peters

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Slotnick has right skillset for future
Julie Peters, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

My husband and I are small-business owners and farmers in the Missoula Valley, and we support Josh Slotnick for county commissioner.

We want innovative/creative growth for Missoula that takes into consideration all community members, not just developers, realtors, builders, etc. We want to be heard. Currently, our farm and many other small farms like us are located right in the Missoula Valley. We provide food security, education, economic vibrancy and health to the people who live here. We live right at the place we sell, providing a low carbon footprint as well as nutrient-rich, fresh food to anybody and everybody, locals and tourists.

If Missoula isn't thoughtful in how it grows, food producers will be forced to relocate or even quit. Good soil will be lost, diversity will disappear and economic opportunities will vanish.

We have three commissioners; all have expertise in different areas. Slotnick cares and knows about farming, small businesses, nonprofits, education and youth. We need that skill set. These are the days we decide how vibrant Missoula will be in future years. This is the time for us to protect our food sources, water resources and overall environmental health. Vote for Josh Slotnick!