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Neva Hassanein

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Slotnick has broad base of support
Neva Hassanein, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

Thank you for covering the Missoula County commissioner race between Jean Curtiss and Josh Slotnick. A few points need to be added.

Curtiss campaign reported raising $15,000. What the article left out was that $10,000 of that was a loan she made to her campaign. As of May 1, she had 45 supporters, while Slotnick has raised nearly $22,000 from over 300 people. Why doesnt she have more support?

People are rallying behind Slotnick because Curtiss' record on subdivisions and land use has been unacceptable and unimaginative. That's why Montana Conservation Voters endorses Slotnick.

I have participated in many city and county planning efforts. While the city has done a tremendous job, the county lags far behind. Curtiss points to a multi-stakeholder group developing a land use map for Missoula County as evidence of involving citizens. The map was supposed to be done in 2016 (the city's was). Instead, the county operates under a 1975 map. The planning office head, whom she oversees, has excluded key players, including myself and other farmland protection advocates who offered to participate.

I voted for Slotnick because I know he will listen to all citizens concerned with our community future.