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​Pedro Marques

Thursday, April 19, 2018 

Slotnick - Visionary Leader to Help Missoula County Grow into the Future
Pedro Marques, Restoration Programs Manager, Big Hole Watershed Committee. Missoulian Letter to the Editor

MISSOULA - I design projects to restore degraded ecosystems and often catch myself asking, "What were they thinking?" Short-sighted needs for economic growth blinded previous generations to the long-term consequences their actions would have on the land and resources we rely on, causing boom and bust economies throughout Montana.

In designing restoration projects, my goal is to set the right conditions for ecosystems to thrive on their own. With a similar mindset, Josh Slotnick has been sowing the seeds for the long-term sustainability of Missoula for 20 years.

He is the type of visionary leader Missoula County needs in order to grow into the future and he is my choice for Missoula County Commissioner. Josh’s work in creating Garden City Harvest and the PEAS program, his volunteer work on boards and his tireless work with young people exemplify his dedication to creating important spaces our community needs to thrive. Not only do these programs connect a broad base of our community to the land, Josh’s tireless work creates the safe and nurturing social spaces where our ties to each other are strengthened and the conditions for a sustainable future are set.  (Read full Letter to the Editor in our Press Archive)