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Vicki Watson

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Slotnick for county commissioner
Vicki Watson, Missoulian Letter to the Editor

In the 35 years that I’ve been privileged to live in Missoula County, I have been delighted to see how our community embraced regrowing our local food economy and protecting our farm land. One of the people who worked to make this happen is Josh Slotnick, who is running for county commissioner.

Slotnick is a philosopher and farmer, a thinker and a doer, who has been nourishing Missoula body and soul for many years. He was one of the founders of Garden City Harvest and helped protect two urban farms for the long term -- the PEAS farm and the River Road farm. These farms provide food, education and inspiration to folks of all ages.

But Slotnick realizes that Missoula County faces many tough problems — affordable housing, farmland protection, growth pains. And local government must involve all its citizens in taking action to find the best solutions.

Slotnick is a good listener and invites all viewpoints; he’s a visionary who sees Missoula's many possible futures, and an inspiring team builder and leader who can help us work for a future in which our kids will feel as lucky to live in Missoula County as I do.