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Slotnick finds sustainable solutions

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Slotnick finds sustainable solutions
Daniel Kemmis, Missoulian Guest Column

I have decided to support Josh Slotnick's campaign for county commissioner, even though it means working for the retirement of a valued public servant. Jean Curtiss has served us well for nearly two decades, and she deserves our sincere gratitude for that service. If Slotnick wins the primary election this June, Curtiss will leave the office next January with a solid reputation for a job well done.

I support Josh Slotnick because it is so clear that our county government is facing new challenges, requiring the ability to fashion workable, sustainable new solutions. That is exactly what Slotnick has been doing for years, and he is ideally suited to bring that experience, creativity and commitment to the commissioner's office.

My own years in public office left me with a deep appreciation for the countless ways in which this community continues to create new institutions and practices that strengthen the fabric of our community. Josh Slotnick has been right at the forefront of that creative activity. Back in 1996, he co-founded Garden City Harvest, which has matured into one of Missoula's most admired nonprofits. Meanwhile, Slotnick  was busy launching the PEAS program at the University of Montana, with its famous farm in the Rattlesnake Valley. I confess that I'm proud of having persuaded this local food pioneer to accept a position on the board of the Missoula Farmers' Market, where he brought his leadership skills to bear on behalf of another cherished local institution.

As Missoula County seeks the most sustainable, most humanly satisfying balance between preserving family farms and ranches, and accommodating the new people (especially young people) who are attracted to this thriving community, we are going to need county leaders with the kind of creativity and commitment that Josh Slotnick has been providing for many years. I urge you to support his candidacy. 

Daniel Kemmis is a former mayor of Missoula